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If you sell this fashion essential, you will know that Spanish shoes enjoy a good reputation. We assure you: footwear made in Spain is efficient and durable as long as you work with the right team. We are craftsmen who understand the trade, and we can easily show you why we have been around for such a long time.

Numerous shoe brands of high prestige and sales manufacture their shoes here. It is quite likely that Spain is the operations center of the company from which you bought your last pair of shoes.

We manufacture shoes in Elche

Our factory is located in Elche, the city of palm trees. A place with good weather, great beaches and delicious cuisine. We are used to welcoming salespeople, agents and representatives of brands and chains. See if our shoes can help you sell for yourself. We can start by getting to know each other right now.

Elche and footwear are two historically united terms. The city cannot be understood without its extensive route linked to the world of shoes. Similarly, the influence of Elche in this industry is powerful even worldwide. Who works in the sector, knows it. The shoe industry is not easy, but we know how to dominate it.

We can conclude that it is very reasonable that you bet on ordering your shoes in Elche. And yes, there is a lot to choose from here. But if we talk about a company mainly dedicated to footwear for women with more than 45 years of experience and compliance with delivery times, the range narrows. Speak with us.

Elda – Petrer shoes: another centre of tradition in Alicante

A few minutes’ drive from Elche is Elda, another town in Alicante with a good reputation when it comes to shoes. The province has traditionally been a land of shoemakers. Decades ago, the lack of land for growth around Elche led to the town centre merging with Petrer, forming a population centre of approximately 90,000 inhabitants that coexist as if they were part of a single city.

The José María Amat Amer Footwear Museum in Elda is a must for those interested in this trade. It is also a perfect excuse to visit the town.

As you can see, the province of Alicante and foot fashion are closely linked. But it is in Elche where the link takes on another dimension, where there is a footwear cluster. Within this industry, we have a lot to say. So walk with us to take your brand where you want and forget about making your models.

Shoes in Elche for brands

At ISDAMA we have worked and continue to work for footwear firms from around the world. We want to continue doing it, that’s why we invest in machinery and training. The world of shoes is linked to the city of palm trees and the brands know it.

Expand or renew your catalog with our help. Create a new brand and forget about the production process. Ask us what you need, because we do almost everything. We will only ask you seriously.

Women's shoes in Elche? in ISDAMA

By manufacturing the majority of references focused on the female public, our company has a high degree of specialization. It is not that we do not manufacture shoes for men, but rather that the percentage of the total is much lower.

The hours we dedicate to women’s footwear is a sign that we are agile, productive and experienced. Therefore, if you have a brand that deals with this line of the market, you will surely want to make your shoes in the city of Elche. And, of course, with us.

Almost 50 years demonstrating quality

A company does not survive nearly half a century by chance. In an environment as competitive as the world of footwear in Elx, ISDAMA continues to work with clients from different countries at the foot of the canyon.

Languages ​​may not be our forte, but making shoes is. We will find a way to help you. And we will confess something to you: those who work with us usually do so for many years. How about writing us an email?

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If you want us to set up a meeting, just let us know.

Send us a message, and we will make sure to reach a professional agreement, satisfactory to both parties. Contact us if you are interested in having us manufacture the shoes for your brand or the brand you work for, it will be our pleasure!

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