What types of women's shoes are you looking for? We are manufacturers

We have been manufacturing many types of women’s footwear for over 40 years. Be it leather, synthetic, embroidered or sports shoes, simply tell us what your shop or brand needs. Before discarding your idea, talk to us. We work with different materials, designs, shapes… ISDAMA can provide solutions.

Boots for women

An elegant solution for women of a wide age range. Make your customers look the possible way through us, without bearing the costs of having your own factory and production.

Ankle boots for women

The most demanded item, a stylish shoe that can be worn for many months of the year. If you sell women’s ankle boots, contact us. We have vast experience manufacturing this type of women’s shoe.

Women's sandals

With or without heel, we can manufacture the women’s sandals that make up your summer lookbook. Choose the material, design and quality; we will do a better job than you can imagine. Also, if you prefer, ask us for our opinion and let us advise you.


That clogs are not only made of wood is something that, at this point, does not need to be explained. At Isdama we have made hundreds of them: for casual looks or for work, in both cases you can count on us.

Mule shoe

Halfway between the clog and the sandal, the mule shoe exposes the heel and covers the entire upper part of the foot. An original alternative in the spring-summer season.

With a low heel or a few inches more, we can make from more fashion models to others focused on comfort, with a casual style. You put the design, we the final product.


Wedge shoes are effectively sold beyond Spain. Rare is the case in which a store, offline or online, does not have one of these models in its catalog.

A model to gain a few inches without neglecting comfort, a guarantee of acceptance among most women. Wedges always take!

Sports shoes

The quintessential footwear for girls who love the “sporty” look. Making sports shoes has no secret from us. A clear example of comfort, simplicity and the ability to combine.

If your brand sells women’s sportswear, we can produce your next collection. A series of basics whose sale is little less than guaranteed. Run!

Shoes with laces

A large arsenal of lace-up models has left our facilities for decades. Shoes of all types, materials and colors, mostly made for them.

Dress shoes, informal, winter, summer … pairs with laces are a safe value in street stores and online. Design, that we leave it ready for you to put it on the market.


If we talk about dancers, we have faced different models. Some in a more classic style and others in a more current style. Of course, they all share a common denominator, comfort. Of that, at Isdama, we can be proud.

Creating looks for each day of the week becomes easy and simple for much of the year with a pair of ballerinas. And we, in women’s shoes, have very few limits. Talk to us!

Modelo slip-on

A very grateful model from the beginning of spring until well into autumn. Slip-ons are quick to put on, do not bother your feet and are perfect for a fresh, urban look.

If you bet on comfortable and closed footwear but summery, we are your allies. Let’s work together to produce a slip-on that everyone wants to wear.

Wedge sandals

If your brand or business sells this type of women’s shoe, you will know that wedge sandals are an unbeatable option when you want to wear a summer and casual look with a plus height.

We have been exporting these models for years to more than one brand and yours may be the next. With velcro, buckle closure or strap on the instep, the wedge sandal that comes from Isdama tends to please everyone.

Wallabees footwear

A distinctive and iconic footwear, generally marketed in earthy tones. Pure personality for a comfortable walk, choose finishes and leathers and trust our professionalism. So you will have them in your collection on time.

Moccasins for women

A shoe that can be worn even after the summer, as it is easy to combine with other garments. The comfortable women’s moccasins you have been looking for are produced in our facilities. Some of them were designed from a simple sketch.


Great for events and parties, but also for work environments where etiquette matters. We have experience manufacturing heels and wedges of many different types and can offer you the perfect lady’s shoe for your business.

Sneakers for women

The most versatile and comfortable shoe in every girl’s shoe rack. Even if you want them made in eco-leather, we can do it. We do not use the vulcanisation process due to internal policy related to quality processes. If sneakers are not included in the products you offer, please talk to us before making a decision.

Salons (shoes)

A sophisticated and elegant option that guarantees you to enjoy events and ceremonies. A high-heeled shoe that combines with various dresses and provides extra comfort is always a safe value.

Is your company more focused on festive and gala outfits? You can also talk to Isdama. We make efficient court shoes with a good value for money.

Women's shoes

Countless proposals have passed through our hands. From slippers to be at home to those designed to travel the city lightly. Basic designs, fun, colorful, sober… The world of the shoe is very wide.

Tell us what you want to sell, we have even made models from a sketch. We show you materials, conditions… and we guarantee seriousness in the deadlines. Trust our professionalism.

Flat shoes

We all know that the flat shoe is a must in any dressing room, shoe rack or closet. With little suffering for the foot and a lot of versatility to be combined, it is an ally for almost everyone.

Made of leather or ecological leather, it is another model that in our factory could not stop being treated. We can make the pairs that make you sell more than ever. Let’s try a modest order?

Sport booty

No matter where you look at it, women’s sport boots are those urban footwear that everyone should have. With heels or flats. With or without zipper. It is a model whose versatility combines with everything.

It will be difficult to get rid of them when other more summery references make their entry on the scene. Design and comfort usually come together in a sport bootie, especially if it passes through our hands.

Derby shoes

Often confused with oxfords, derby shoes the bottom can open. Therefore, these are more suitable for large feet and offer the possibility of adapting the shoe to the foot by adjusting the lacing.

Ideal to wear with chinos, jeans, blazer … the typical “neat but informal” that you always have to have on hand. And, of course, we are not talking about a shoe reserved only for men.

Oxford shoes

Similar to the previous ones but more formal, they are ideal for suits and parties, whether in their plain or chopped version. And here too, women’s models have a place in the market.

Leather Oxford lends an imprint and stamp to each style. If your collection includes them, encourage us to make them ourselves. You will have them on time and very well finished.

Chelsea Boots

A classic that lasts over time, the boots that every man and woman must have in their wardrobe. With lateral elastic or zip, Chelsea boots are usually synonymous with profitability.

Take advantage of our experience in exporting this type of footwear and place your models in stores. We know what we do and we can combine our experience and your ideas to make the best possible boot.

Desert boots

Formal, with Cherokee or moccasin-like airs, desert boots triumph mainly in the autumn-winter season. Do you dare to include them in your catalog? We believe that it is a wise bet.

Decide the details, the color, the silhouette. Tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you what we think works and what we can do. It can be the reference that fosters a long relationship.

High-heeled boots

Formal, with Cherokee or moccasin-like airs, desert boots triumph mainly in the autumn-winter season. Do you dare to include them in your catalog? We believe that it is a wise bet.

Decide the details, the color, the silhouette. Tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you what we think works and what we can do. It can be the reference that fosters a long relationship.

High boots

We make the high boots that will make your brand talk. Colorful, classic, durable, suitable to withstand parties, dinners and other events. A guarantee for women who does not want to go unnoticed.

Casual footwear

Casual shoes and sneakers usually have simplicity, versatility and comfort as common denominators. Above all, if we are the ones who produce the pairs.

Tell us about your sneakers, your comfy shoes, your casual moccasin … We have few limits here and a lot of know-how. Yes, we avoid vulcanized, but we do it with the aim of manufacturing higher quality footwear.

Walking shoes

The variety of pairs suitable for your walks is wide in Isdama. Many of the types of shoes that we help you launch on the market come with an extra comfort brand from the house.

Even so, if you are specifically looking for walking shoes, we will do our best to make that function a priority. Each procedure will focus on it.

Wedding shoes

A safe bet for women to forget about a problem on that important date. You can also order your wedding shoes here. Think aesthetics and leave us in control.

The suitable footwear for the leading dress of any self-respecting link, made in Spain. Another option for your business that we put at your disposal with our machinery and human team.

Patterned shoes

Flowers, polka dots, stripes and other motifs. If your thing is to sell more striking, cheerful and original models, your next patterned shoes can be finished in Elche.

These designs are applicable in a great variety of footwear. We invite you to meet us to know what you think when you talk about your new collection. Our experience, procedures and raw materials support us.

Special wide shoes

We know that there are people with larger than average feet who need to find their shoe. That no one has to do without a comfortable shoe or give up a good design because of the size of their foot.

We dedicate part of the production process to supervising each stitch and each thread. A daily control checks the quality of all the materials and shows the work of our shoemakers. And in shoes of special width it is no exception.

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